September 29, 2015


In the realm of tea, I am certainly no expert.  People spend their lives and careers completely devoted to the propagation, and consumption of tea.  My experience with tea, similar to most other Americans, was not cultural and came much later in my life.  I always vie...

September 21, 2015


What defines a “tea drinker”?  Must you know your teas?  Must you drink them daily?  

Only at specific times of the day?  Or can you drink them on a whim?...

September 3, 2015



Scrub Cleansing Grains

Turn your daily face wash into an exfoliating cleanser!


If you have sensitive skin like mine, TeaScape’s Scrub Cleansing Grains are the perfect way to exfoliate without irritating your skin.  By simply mixing a teaspoon of the grains with your d...

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Honey & Green Tea

This facial scrub is great for sensitive skin! If you typically find exfoliating facial...

September's Featured Product!

August 31, 2016

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December 9, 2015

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