August 31, 2016


Honey & Green Tea

This facial scrub is great for sensitive skin! If you typically find exfoliating facial 

cleansers harsh and drying, look no more! This scrub’s main ingredient is pure...

August 8, 2016


Healing Avocado Daily Face Bars:

Each bar has the same nourishing, synthetic-free base recipe of:

Hemp Seed Oil*, Cocoa*, Shea* & Avocado Butter*, 

Coconut*, Camelina and Castor Oi...

July 5, 2016

~ Camper’s Friend ~

Handcrafted Soap

Repel mosquitoes, ticks and fleas from your shower!

Soap up with this powerful, yet natural blend of insect repelling oils, which your warm skin will...

April 30, 2016

Our sense of smell is a powerful force. One inhale can launch us down memory lane, induce instant 

calmness or evoke strong emotional and physiological responses. This is because of our...

April 2, 2016

Because my family first looked to the fields of healing arts and alternative care when it came to health and well-being, I developed an interest at a young age. It seemed fitting that I find myself in massage...

April 1, 2016


Blemish Treatment

Finally a spot treatment that won’t dry your skin out! Most blemish treatments contain harsh 

ingredients, like salicylic acid, which in it’s attempt to destroy your pimpl...

March 5, 2016


"I became a massage therapist in 2014. My journey to bodywork began while serving in the United States Army as a medic. Working in the Western medicine epicenter of a level 1 trauma center I was quickly jaded to the ideas of the quick fix that most western medicine se...

February 3, 2016

"I have been practicing massage professionally since 2010. I developed an interest in the healing arts after studying traditional East Indian dance forms and yoga for 10 years, and encountering the healing arts of ancient India and China thru those disciplines. A fasci...

January 16, 2016

This month's featured product is the Immune Support Tincture.

Free from fillers and preservatives, Teascape’s herbal tonics invigorate systems in the body to help 

restore, tone, and promote general he...

December 9, 2015


Lip balms


Give your lips some love!


As the weather turns cold, we bundle up to protect our bodies and moisturize our dry skin diligently, but what about our lips? With no oil glands of their own to self moisturize, lips need your help! With...

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