Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a technique of deep massage intended to help in the realignment of the body by altering the length and tone of myofascial tissues. The basis of the practice is the belief that misalignment of myofascial tissues, a result of improper posture and emotional and physical traumas, may have a detrimental affect on a person's energy level, self-image, muscular efficiency, perceptions, and general health.


Structural Integration is usually done for 1.5 to 2 hours once a week for 11 weeks.  The sessions include the bodywork as well as one on one personalized education revolving around each session.


Session 1


Your breathing pattern will be addressed by releasing the superficial fascia of the ribs and thorax.


You will get a sense of lift in your body, and experience deeper and fuller breathing.



Session 2: Support for the body

Your feet will be more fluid and adaptable as they support

the vertical dimension in your body.


You will get a sense of grounding in your body.



Session 3: Lateral Line

Lengthen the sides of the body and free the shoulders.


You will experience the dimension of depth (front to back balance) and freedom of the arms and shoulder girdle from the spine.


Sessions 4, 5, 6: Medial Line, Anterior Line, Posterior Line

Adjust and lengthen the body’s vertical center line, or core.


Better balance and freedom of movement. Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended.


Session 7: Adapatability

Release the muscles of the neck, face and head.


You will feel the relationship of your head and neck as a fluid extension of your spine.

Session 8

The arms, the movement of energy through the arms and down the back.


Increased rotary function. Energy moving through the elbows, shoulders, scapula to sacrum. Arms swing relaxed.

Sessions 9, 10, 11: Structural Integration, Functional Integration

Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner.


You will have a sense of “the Line” and of everything being connected. You will have a full sense of your body in 3 dimensions and moving in any direction with equal ease


$140 per session (Bundle discounts available)


Somassage® is not just a technique, but a whole system of structural analysis, directional myofascial release and applied body mechanics. Somassage® can be used as a stand alone session, as a system of treatment work for injuries, and as an introduce to the real and long-lasting effects of a series of Structural Integration.


Somassage® utilizes a unique system of body reading that allows the practitioner to clearly see the structural compensation patterns of each client. This information is very useful in developing specific and effective treatments which provide the most benefit to the individual. Clients are taught active movements to aid in release and integration during the session which awakens awareness in a client and can help them find ease, flow and mobility in their body.


Since Somassage® is NOT Structural Integration, the work is not permanent and must 

be repeated regularly like other massage techniques. 

$140 per session - (Wellness package available)

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