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Letters of Embodiment - September 2020

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This summer has been a doozy, to say the least. As we begin our descent into Autumn, we'd like to share a few of TeaScape's musings in regards to 2020 thus far. I think there have been many, many challenges, and perhaps an equal, but maybe not as obvious, amount of blessings. For example, due to the pandemic, we closed shop, furloughed our staff, and kept our fingers crossed for healthy and safe time off. During this time, Miho and I have been working away at renovations. This was something we didn't think would happen until much later in our ownership. We have really had the time to transform TeaScape into our business and it feels so very special. We see this as an extraordinary silver lining. We have been able to provide a safer space for many newly-hired therapists who didn't feel protected in the way they needed from COVID-19 at their previous massage locations. This is such a deep honor. We value bringing a community of therapists together in not only a physically safe, but emotionally intelligent, environment. Because of this, we've acquired some exceptionally talented bodyworkers who may not have looked for work otherwise. At home, many of us re-evaluated our relationship to work. Some decided not to return to their previous employers. Instead, they are now able to pursue work that fits better with their long-term goals and aspirations. Others gained a huge appreciation for the at-home workspace and have actually become more productive in a much more sustainable way. Others still are utilizing this time off to look within and without at their personal biases, finances, food scarcity, health, etc, and moving towards innovative solutions. It is important to note that this is not intended to bypass any negativity, hardship, or fear that many of us are facing. These emotions are very real and valid and important to acknowledge, honor, and work through both in community and individually. This is a simple expression of gratitude for the hopeful prospects of unplanned twists of fate. Perhaps staying home allowed for more time with a geriatric pet, a re-evaluation of your relationship to your work supervisor, or just more home-cooked meals with all the members of your household. 

Some things to ponder... Questions to answer in a diary or around the dinner table.

  • What is a challenge you have successfully faced and how have you handled it?

  • What would you do if you had a different career?

  • What is something you have noticed recently about your home life that you would not have noticed pre-COVID?

  • What are three of your favorite things that happened in 2020?

  • How have your emotions/bodily sensations affected your interactions with the people around you differently this year than in previous years?

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