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Letters of Embodiment - October 2020

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Humans are resilient beings. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges can throw the nervous system off-kilter, but the body adapts and changes at such a pace we likely don't always notice. It is relentlessly adjusting, compensating, and frankly, putting up with the harshness of everyday life. The body largely knows how to maintain homeostasis without conscious thought or action and withstands much more than we give it credit for. While this doesn't mean we don't still experience hardship, when we have that pliability, we can meet it with grace, and let it go with ease. If you're feeling defeated, or just not very resilient or adaptable, that is okay. This is a trait that can be developed and improved. With all that 2020 has to offer and impose, I think it's safe to say we could all use a little boost of strength.

What are some ways we can improve resiliency?

  • Talking to empathetic people and building connections will remind you you're not alone.

  • Having a gratitude practice can literally change your brain while improving emotional intelligence.

  • Taking care of your physical body (getting ample sleep, eating nutrient-dense meals, receiving bodywork, and exercising) will strengthen your adaptability to stress.

  • Helping others in need, whether it's volunteer work or just dedicating some time to a friend who needs it, give us a sense of purpose and community.

  • Being proactive in solving your problems rather than ignoring them will show you that your situation can improve if you work at it. It can take time to recover from major setbacks or trauma, but making a plan and taking action will show you tangible progress as well as help you to remain hopeful.

Some things to ponder... Questions to answer in a journal or around the dinner table.

  • How do you cope with pressure?

  • In what ways do you show resiliency?

  • How do you respond to negative feedback from a manager or a loved one?

  • Talk about a time when you had to deal with a major crisis.

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