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Letters of Embodiment - January 2021

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Well, 2020...That's A Wrap! (Thank God)

Not to state the obvious, but this year has been difficult all around. Surely, there is not one person left unaffected by the whirlwind of a global pandemic, a statewide shut-down or mask mandate, travel restrictions, job loss, or family illness. It's been rough. The grief is unavoidable and necessary, but we want to take the time in this newsletter to point out a good thing that happened to each of us this year. No matter how small, they all count this time around.

Here are some positive things that happened to us this year: Sarah (Co-Owner/LMT) I bought a business! And it survived 2020! I also read 12 books which is more than I've read in years. I also acquired a sewing machine which has been a long-time goal. Gabriel (LMT) I got out into nature more than I have in years! I also had a hard time taking my home yoga practice seriously in the past and now it’s become a mandatory routine. Thanks 2020! Alexandra (LMT) I would say that the most positive thing about 2020 was that I was able to move here. It had long been a goal of mine, and even during a pandemic I feel energetically supported and welcomed in by the community. Katherine (Front Desk) I've enjoyed spending a lot of time with my partner and cat and connecting with people virtually. Karen (Front Desk Manager) This year started out with me trying to learn German for a future trip to do some genealogy research. COVID postponed those plans. Instead, this year has been filled with personal growth work. Thanks for the extra time and space for that COVID. I have also been collaborating with my partner and assisting him in his art woodworking business. This time spent in quarantine has been great for my cat Sebastian. He gets all the pets as we're always home. Miho (Co-Owner) I cherished every moment of running TeaScape and so happy to have met great clients and therapists. Also, I had lots of fun harvesting veggies from my garden for the first time in my life! And became a plant person, enjoying caring for plants at TeaScape. Ty (Front Desk) I have been able to stay positive by taking time to draw, even if just a little bit. And that has kept me inspired. Maren (LMT) The best part of 2020 is the 100-year old cabin I'm staying in for the new year. The second best thing is that I unintentionally booked my NYE solo trip AT NYE BEACH!!! I JUST PUT THIS TOGETHER!! We hope you have found at least one special moment from 2020 to hold close to your heart. Though the pandemic will still be with us, we hope a symbolic renewal will leave you hopeful for what is to come.

We wish you the happiest new year and our deepest gratitude for your support this year. We will see you in 2021.

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