• Bre

April's featured practitioner: Bre

Because my family first looked to the fields of healing arts and alternative care when it came to health and well-being, I developed an interest at a young age. It seemed fitting that I find myself in massage

school, learning about the structure of the body and the many benefits massage can provide. Since I

started practicing massage in 2011, I have furthered my studies in Thai massage and Deep Tissue

Myofascial work. I also completed my degree in Exercise and Sports Science, which further stirred my interest in movement, identifying imbalances, and working to correct them.

Recently, I’ve been learning a little bit more about how bodywork and massage can create change. It’s only natural for one to expect to feel results with massage. However, it seems as though pain isn’t

necessarily the best evidence that it’s working. For instance, no matter how hard a therapist may press into the muscle tissue, it’s impossible to unravel all the “knots” and undo a lifetime of chronic tension in a single session. Moreover, it may only add to the body’s level of tension and further harden those

muscles that so need to relax.

Instead, it’s the nervous system that is responsible for any change that occurs. With any kind of

manual therapy, the mechanoreceptors in the skin are stimulated. These mechanoreceptors then send signals to the brain, which takes this information and decides how to respond. Thus, any change is a

result of the nervous system.

In my practice, I blend techniques from my training thus far, adding in stretches and movement as I

listen in on this conversation between the tissues and the brain to create a session that helps to ease

pain and restore balance to the body.

*As our featured therapist this month, any regularly priced service with Bre is discounted 10% for the month of April when you mention where you heard this!