• Angel

Meet Angel, our Ashiatsu therapist

"I have been practicing massage professionally since 2010. I developed an interest in the healing arts after studying traditional East Indian dance forms and yoga for 10 years, and encountering the healing arts of ancient India and China thru those disciplines. A fascination for the mind-body connection took me to massage school where I focused on Asian modalities and deep tissue. After massage school I focused on learning bodywork performed with the feet, as done in ancient Asia. Now, most of my sessions I spend suspended from bars on the ceiling. In my sessions I blend what I have learned studying Zen Shiatsu, Ashiatsu barefoot massage and Swedish Deep Tissue into a holistic reconstructive bodywork session. You will find my sessions deeply reconstructive as well as calming, healing and meditative; my clients often tell me my work is the deepest they have encountered. I like to prescribe yoga poses for my clients and will also show you stretches you can do to maintain your well-being. I like to imagine I am an ancient Shamaness carrying on the healing traditions of our ancestors into the future thru bodywork and art. Presently I am studying music and hypnotherapy and aiming to move my practice deeper into the realms of the mind. I also play music, sing and dance, and love ancient poetry, comic books, science fiction, fairy tales and adventures in Nature. "

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