• Ashley

I Love Gooold! ...Camelina Gold that is...

A few weeks back my husband and I were wandering the Milwaukie Farmers Market when we ran into an interesting booth - Camelina Gold - the all around perfect oil. For the next 45 minutes, Victoria, a very experienced natural body product "guru" passionately talked to us about the many benefits of this amazing oil: great for skin and hair, extremely high smoke point so perfect for cooking with, high in vitamins including E, a natural preservative, which gives it a long shelf life, no biproducts in its production, a completely arid plant which needs almost NO irrigation and is capable of growing in the most dry of climates, naturally organic, etc etc etc...

Cheyne and I felt like we stumbled on to a miracle oil and picked up a gallon glass jug to take home, as well as camelina seeds for my daily smoothie. I have to say I have used it in most applications and I LOVE it! I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin and the deliciousness of my homemade popcorn :)

When we got home I did some more research, and without giving too much away I found some very interesting facts:

-archeological evidence shows it has been grown in Europe for at least 3,000 years

-exceptionally high levels (up to 45%) of omega-3 fatty acids

-Over 50% of the fatty acids in cold-pressed camelina oil are polyunsaturated

-very rich in natural antioxidants

Before we left, Victoria agreed to come and give a FREE educational talk on this great oil, which will be happening at TeaScape on November 7th at 6:30. We will have a cap of 35 people, so sign up if you are able to make it. We will have light refreshments, tea tasting AND selling bottles at a discount during the event! I have also developed a few new products utilizing the Camelina oil which will be fetured and discounted, including a body and face serum, lip balm, body scrub, soap and a few others.

Don't wait, sign up and join us! Looking forward to seeing you!