• Giselle

Prenatal massage is good for me and baby!

Hey everybody, I don't know if you know this, but I am pregnant, and it is awesome! I also can't really hide it anymore, this baby girl is a-growin!! I can't complain, I am 24 weeks into my pregnancy and it has gone pretty smoothly so far!

I have been getting regular massages maybe once a month for the past two years or so and it was always something I looked forward to. I cannot even begin to explain how amplified that is now. First off, there are these wonderful pillows you get to lie on to protect your stomach, being able to lay face down is such a treat in itself! Of course any therapist will make sure you never stay in one position too long so you never get stiff or uncomfortable, but even 20 minutes face down just gives my spine such sweet relief! I also used to really like a deep through massage, but now a lighter touch can be so rewarding on my slightly swollen legs. I also have found my sciatic nerve has had additional pressure, causing some pain, and massage has helped relieve that (and it reduces my waddle).

As much as a massage on this tired pregnant body is wonderful, it really does something freeing for the mind as well. It has been interesting how all of a sudden I have been doing more things for this little person growing inside me, and while my baby benefits from the physical, it is nice to take an hour or 90 minutes to not think about nursary colors or daycare options and just do something for me. Soak it in, because it really is amazing that my body can grow another and I deserve a reward for that.