• Ellen

Introducing "Nourish", our October product special


Age Fighting Serum

Repair. Soothe. Protect.

As someone who knows they should wear sunscreen daily, but never does, I was very excited to try

TeaScape’s Nourish Serum, as it’s main ingredient is Argan oil, aka “liquid gold”. This rock star of

the skin care world not only repairs damaged cells, reduces inflammation and prevents acne, but

because of it’s high amounts of Vitamin E and various antioxidants, it acts as natural protection

from the sun and free radical damage.

I found the serum, which also contains the skin care darling jojoba oil, absorbs rather quickly without leaving a greasy residue, so it can be worn both day and night. Rosehip oil, as well as essential oil of geranium, make for a pleasant hint of floral tones while repairing

skin to boot.

Stop in for a free sample and you too will be hooked on the“liquid gold”!