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What defines a “tea drinker”? Must you know your teas? Must you drink them daily?

Only at specific times of the day? Or can you drink them on a whim?

I find myself wonderfully swaying between two worlds - one of complete innocence, where I

stumble upon new tastes, new teas, new history, new culture - and the other, where I find myself applying knowledge I have already learned, such as how to prepare different types of tea properly orjust knowing what quality is and how to get the most out of the total experience. Some teas are

relatively new and unexplored, others have a history as rich and deep as the tea itself.

Take Matcha for example, it is now becoming popular to add matcha to foods like soba noodles,

mochie, or even ice cream - a completely non-traditional presentation. It’s beginnings date back

over a thousand years, and it continues to evolve. Expanding. Developing. And even recently,

finding it’s way into TeaScape. Unlike other teas where just the leaves are utilized, the Matcha

leaves are ground up and mixed in with the water, meaning you are drinking and digesting the

whole leaf instead of simply steeping and removing the tea. Therefore, you get all of its antioxidantsplus a whole lot more. One amazing quality among many, is the Ltheanine synergistic relationship with caffeine, offering an energy boost without the typical jittery crash of coffee, thus keeping you focused, alert and stress free.

So stop in and try some Matcha, whether on a whim or as part of your daily schedule.

Either way, TeaScape will be there for you.

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