• Giselle

A refuge on a blustery afternoon here in Portland

Giselle here at the front desk of Teascape, pretty exciting here for a late summer Saturday in Oregon. I've been watching the trees blowing and dropping branches, the sudden random burst of rain, the prepared people walking about, and the less so rushing to escape the water we have been craving all summer. Well if anyone needs a place of refuge, especially as fall finally decides to arrive, you are more than welcome to stop into Teascape! I'm sitting here sipping on the Tulsi Signature Blend, a tea I have come to quite enjoy. It has enough mint to calm while the ginger wakes up my taste buds and soothes my stomach. I'm still quite new to the world of fine teas but Tulsi in known as the "Queen of Herbs" or "Holy Basil" in it's native India. Of course it would have healing powers, an herb with such an honored history had to earn it! I know I can't get a massage everyday, but I can have a cup of Tulsi tea, breath in the aroma, breath out just a little stress, take a sip and let it work its magic on my immune system and stomach. Not a bad afternoon at all, hope y'all join me for some Tulsi real soon!