• Karen

A journey begins together

Let's share some tips with each other about how we like to relax and check back in with ourselves. Step away from whatever is zapping your energy and actively engage in your own stress relief. Maybe you like to go for a run, a dance party, a hike, getting a massage, reading a book, taking a bath, sipping a cup of tea, drowsing in the sun, creating art, snuggling with a pet or a loved one (or both at the same time), vacuuming, studying the architecture of a new neighborhood, putting on the headphones and listening to your favorite band, swimming in the ocean, go surfing, organizing your rock collection, cooking a nice meal, learning a magic trick, practicing yoga, meditating, making some plants grow, having a sing-a-long in your car? The tactics are different for all of us, but the end result is the same. We have successfully chilled out. What if you were able to feel this way all the time? What if everyone found something that made them feel like this all the time?