Maren U.

A native Oregonian, Maren has spent the last chapter of life pursuing a performing career in New York City. Performing she loved, but being a waitress she did not!  Having always been mindful of her own health and wellness, pursuing a career in this field has proved to be a wise, fulfilling, and passionate endeavor. Utilizing the empathetic nature of performing, her bodywork exhibits the kinesthetic and intuitive communication needed to work with her clients individual needs.  


Upon graduating from The Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in New York City, Maren immediately dived into over 100 hours of Myofascial Release training from Carrie Taylor Techniques, and continues to study. As a believer that form affects function, this modality works with the specific qualities of connective tissue to create the space needed for all structures in the body to function properly, balancing the bodies systems, and creating health. Targeting the many forms of connective tissue, including tendons, ligaments, bone, and of course fascia, she will unwind the snags and adhesions that may be inhibiting the bodies many lines of function no matter how deep. Using Myofascial Release Techniques in every session, Maren will combined this knowledge with relaxing Swedish strokes, Trigger Point therapy, along with addressing any Shiatsu acupressure she sees fit to reach her clients objective.  Upon the completion if each session, she gives her clients stretches and exercises to continue the work at home. Maren is also certified in pre/post natal care as well as Headache/TMJ treatment certified. 


In her free time, Maren hasn't abandoned her performing endeavors and loves the actor/singer life! She also trains in the aerial arts, as well as expanding her Yoga training! She hopes to be pursue Yoga teacher training and other exercise therapies in the near future to add to her practice.