We bill insurance!


Take full advantage of the insurance you already pay for while paying less for your regular mind-body maintenance at no extra cost to you! All we ask is that you are completely clear on your specific bodywork benefits by speaking with your insurance provider prior to your appointment here at TeaScape.


As we are unfortunately out of network, be sure to verify that your plan covers "in network" as well as "out of network" providers. Some insurance plans require prior-authorization, a referral, or a prescription for bodywork from your primary care physician.  


If you are interested in billing your insurance company please be sure to bring your insurance card with you at the day of service, as well as a valid picture ID.  


Click on the link here to print out our insurance intake forms beforehand allowing you to take more time to just relax prior to your scheduled appointment time.


If you have any questions, always feel free to phone one of our knowledgeable front desk personnel.