May's Product of the Month: Body~Room~Linen Sprays

Our sense of smell is a powerful force. One inhale can launch us down memory lane, induce instant calmness or evoke strong emotional and physiological responses. This is because of our olfactory system’s close connection to the limbic system in our brains, which include structures for long term memory, emotions, hormones, blood pressure, the nervous system, heart rate and attention. When this sense is activated by the incredible properties of plant derived essential oils, the results are instant and palpable. Which blend of TeaScape’s Body/Room/Linen Sprays gives you just what you need? Energize! - Boost your memory, mental acuity and mood with this invigorating blend of lemon, cajeput, fenn

April's featured practitioner: Bre

Because my family first looked to the fields of healing arts and alternative care when it came to health and well-being, I developed an interest at a young age. It seemed fitting that I find myself in massage school, learning about the structure of the body and the many benefits massage can provide. Since I started practicing massage in 2011, I have furthered my studies in Thai massage and Deep Tissue Myofascial work. I also completed my degree in Exercise and Sports Science, which further stirred my interest in movement, identifying imbalances, and working to correct them. Recently, I’ve been learning a little bit more about how bodywork and massage can create change. It’s only natural for

April's product of the month!

Concentrates Blemish Treatment Finally a spot treatment that won’t dry your skin out! Most blemish treatments contain harsh ingredients, like salicylic acid, which in it’s attempt to destroy your pimple also destroy your skin, leaving it flaky and irritated. Not so with TeaScape’s Blemish Treatment Concentrate! With a carrier oil of naturally conditioning Jojoba, this spot treatment nourishes your skin while carefully chosen essential oils such as Tea Tree, Thyme and Chamomile naturally fight the bacteria, redness and inflammation of the blemish. This Concentrate also works wonders on pesky ingrown hairs! For optimal results, follow spot treatment with TeaScape’s Acneic Complex Serum. Also,