I Love Gooold! ...Camelina Gold that is...

A few weeks back my husband and I were wandering the Milwaukie Farmers Market when we ran into an interesting booth - Camelina Gold - the all around perfect oil. For the next 45 minutes, Victoria, a very experienced natural body product "guru" passionately talked to us about the many benefits of this amazing oil: great for skin and hair, extremely high smoke point so perfect for cooking with, high in vitamins including E, a natural preservative, which gives it a long shelf life, no biproducts in its production, a completely arid plant which needs almost NO irrigation and is capable of growing in the most dry of climates, naturally organic, etc etc etc... Cheyne and I felt like we stumbled o

Prenatal massage is good for me and baby!

​ Hey everybody, I don't know if you know this, but I am pregnant, and it is awesome! I also can't really hide it anymore, this baby girl is a-growin!! I can't complain, I am 24 weeks into my pregnancy and it has gone pretty smoothly so far! I have been getting regular massages maybe once a month for the past two years or so and it was always something I looked forward to. I cannot even begin to explain how amplified that is now. First off, there are these wonderful pillows you get to lie on to protect your stomach, being able to lay face down is such a treat in itself! Of course any therapist will make sure you never stay in one position too long so you never get stiff or uncomfortable,

Introducing "Nourish", our October product special

"Nourish" Age Fighting Serum Repair. Soothe. Protect. As someone who knows they should wear sunscreen daily, but never does, I was very excited to try TeaScape’s Nourish Serum, as it’s main ingredient is Argan oil, aka “liquid gold”. This rock star of the skin care world not only repairs damaged cells, reduces inflammation and prevents acne, but because of it’s high amounts of Vitamin E and various antioxidants, it acts as natural protection from the sun and free radical damage. I found the serum, which also contains the skin care darling jojoba oil, absorbs rather quickly without leaving a greasy residue, so it can be worn both day and night. Rosehip oil, as well as essential oil of geraniu