In the realm of tea, I am certainly no expert. People spend their lives and careers completely devoted to the propagation, and consumption of tea. My experience with tea, similar to most other Americans, was not cultural and came much later in my life. I always viewed tea as the unfortunate alternative to coffee and was generally consumed as a conduit for honey. Only lately, as I have delved deeper into the world of natural and alternative remedies, have I truly grown to appreciate the incredible properties this timeless beverage can bring, and I am contantly learning more and more. Welcome to TeaScape Ins-Tea-tution or... Universi-Tea of TeaScape :) The basics: What is tea? The tea plan


What defines a “tea drinker”? Must you know your teas? Must you drink them daily? Only at specific times of the day? Or can you drink them on a whim? I find myself wonderfully swaying between two worlds - one of complete innocence, where I stumble upon new tastes, new teas, new history, new culture - and the other, where I find myself applying knowledge I have already learned, such as how to prepare different types of tea properly orjust knowing what quality is and how to get the most out of the total experience. Some teas are relatively new and unexplored, others have a history as rich and deep as the tea itself. Take Matcha for example, it is now becoming popular to add matcha to foods

September Product of the Month:

Scrub Cleansing Grains Turn your daily face wash into an exfoliating cleanser! If you have sensitive skin like mine, TeaScape’s Scrub Cleansing Grains are the perfect way to exfoliate without irritating your skin. By simply mixing a teaspoon of the grains with your daily facial cleanser, all in the palm of your hand, it transforms into an exfoliating paste that leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Mild ingredients, such as colloidal oatmeal and lavender powder, are soothing and address inflammation, while the finely ground rose hips act as a natural exfoliant. I personally love that it also contains bentonite clay, which is great for skin of all ages and temperaments, as it shrin